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What to Wear Weekends!

20 Jan

Want to match Kate Beckinsale’s Look? Here ya go!

Shoes – Fendi

Purse – Givenchy

Jacket – Stella McCartney

All Found at and Barneys.


Hermie and I!

20 Jan

Eeeeek! There is a mouse in studio. Apparently a very famous one! Hermie the GDS pet! He was hiding in Tina’s trash can this morning. We fed him a blueberry and a cinnamon roll. Then we set him free. For some odd reason I was sad and for another odd reason I miss him dearly.

World’s Ugliest Dog with World’s Best Looking Anchors!

20 Jan

The World’s Ugliest Dog (According to Guiness) was in studio showing off his chops! Cody and I enjoyed his funny looks and BIG heart. The big question though… who is better looking the Dog or Cody and I?

Fries Anyone?

20 Jan

Fries Anyone? I decided to go for a fast food themed Halloween costume? The funny thing about this choice… many people thought I really was serving food and placed an order with me at the weather center.