5 Feb

So I just started a new work out program with the very energetic Joey Gonnello from the MORE SHOW. Our fabulous trainer’s Mel and Elane  have been working us to the Bone, and lets just say my muscles are in PAIN! Not only are my trainers over at Body Sport Vegas Athletic Club hard core…but they also watch me on the news and tell me to PUT DOWN THE FOOD!!!  I was live today at Red Rock Casino talking super bowl when my phone starting blowing up! As soon as the camera panned down to a wonderful display of Cabo mexican food… I started hearing Beep…Beep!!! There it was on the phone.. a text from my trainer Mel saying “Don’t eat all that Food! Everything in moderation girl!” Boy oh boy did I pay for my snacking today. The workout was awesome. My legs were shaking and now I am tired.  I have to be ready though… on my one day to sleep in.. they have me getting up at 6:30 a.m. to hit the gym and do it all over again! But hey… I’m extreme Amy… I can handle it right? RIGHT! See you bright and early! 

-Extreme Amy

Check out the club below! 


Oh and I can’t forget about the photos from my live shot! 


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