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The Undertaker!!! It’s an Extremmmeee Burger!!!

3 Nov

Warning!!! it’s too  HOT  to handle! It is a burger you have to sign a waiver for…if you want to eat it.  The waiver states  “Warning… this could cause serious health risks and even DEATH.”  I was told the peppers are the hottest in the world rated by the Guiness Book of World Records. They make your hands burn, eyes water, body sweat, and of course light your mouth on fire.  Call your local fire department, this burger is on FIRE! LBS: A Burger Joint added this belly-busting Burger to the menu.  It is 11 beef patty’s, 27 slices of cheese and those crazy hot peppers. The $30 burger comes with a twist – if you can finish it within an hour, along with the THREE pounds of French fries that accompany it, the meal is free! You also get your photo added to the Wall of Champions!

Check out the photos of me and RON KOCH… my competitor for the morning show!

waiverNew Image