Another Cute store… and MORE SHOPPING!!!

14 Aug

Hey ladies… I wanted to let you know about another little hidden treasure in Vegas! I get a lot of e-mails from many women asking me where I get some of my clothes that I wear on the air.  While I love to shop on the strip there is another cute store that steals my heart! It’s called Glamsquadshop! The store was created during the country’s economic crisis. It follows the idea that even though our country is in a recession, doesn’t mean your fashion has to be.  GLAMSQUADSHOP’S idea is to have a “High-end” look without the “High-end” price.   What I love about this little hole in the wall boutique is that everyone is so friendly.I LOVE YOU GUYS!  Watch out for CHINTEL! She will get you to buy everything! The owner of the store Lina is a doll! As I have said in the past… there is nothing I like more than supporting non-chain shops whether it be a restaurant or in this case a cute store.

Check it out! 

Located in the Apache Plaza
5165 Ft. Apache Rd. #170, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148
More information:
Phone # 702-456-4526

the shopping groupamy chintel


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