30 Jul

My newest segment “EXTREME EATS” with Extreme Amy launched today on the air with a CRAZY Cupcake shop in Las Vegas. Retro Bakery takes your average joe cupcake and steps it up a notch. Owners Kari and Brian Haskell have created odd ball flavors from maple-bacon, ice tea, cotton candy, short stack, key lime pie, Cinnamon toast, apple cider, milk and cookies, glazed donut, coffee and donuts,  hop scotch, pink lemonade, chocolate covered banana, blueberry pancake, Hawaii sky, and mint chocolate chip! They are FAMOUS for their MAPLE BACON cupcake that has real bacon and maple syrup in it! Can you believe it! Come check this place out! What a great local cupcake eatery where cupcakes are EXTREME!!!

-Extreme Amy

Retro Bakery

7785 N. Durango Dr. #130
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Monday-Thursday: 8AM to 6PM
Friday: 8AM to 7PM
Saturday: 10AM to 7PM
Sunday: CLOSED

bacontons of cupcakesmaple bacon cu


One Response to “CUPCAKEMANIA!!!”

  1. SuperFan July 30, 2009 at 7:47 pm #

    Retro Bakery has the best cupcakes and the sweetest owners. They are by far the number one cupcake bakery boutique in Las Vegas. Their cakes are gorgeous too.

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