It’s MUrder!!! WHO DID IT???

25 Jul

Detective Extreme Amy was busy all morning solving clues! The murder mystery dinner theater show  “Marriage Can be Murder” is celebrating ten years! The deadly show is the longest running dinner theater show on the strip. The entire cast was outside The Fitz this morning trying to figure who murdered who?!?  While the scene was a bit bloody…. the killer turned out to be an obsessed Fan of  Fox5’s Ted Pretty and Jason Feinberg! ha ha! It was so funny! A lot of viewers thought I was the killer! Come on people… do you really think I would do such a thing. 🙂 Check out the show. It is a lot of fun and full of surprises.

-Extreme Amy

check out our video link: 

Marriage Can be Murder- Tickets:

amy and the killerdee amyDSC00104DSC00129in actionthe letter


One Response to “It’s MUrder!!! WHO DID IT???”

  1. Jay Stevens July 25, 2009 at 3:25 pm #

    Loved this report … it was hilarious!

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