FOX5 AMBUSH Makeover!!!!

24 Jul
Hey Everyone! Check out my newest segment….called FOX5 Ambush Makeover! This morning I broke into a viewer’s home (with her husband’s help of course) and woke her up LIVE on the air with the surprise of her life!  Meet our first victim… Dawn Sabraw! She was nominated by her husband Scott to get a makeover. With the help of the FOX5 Pretty Police team…Dawn looked almost 15 years younger. The 38 year old grandma and mother of  four children really touched the hearts of  the staff at HAUTE SALON! They donated several hundred dollars to Dawn to help her son get new wheels for his wheel chair.   Dawn’s son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  She works several jobs, donates a lot of her time to the Salvation Army and other non-profits, which is just one of the many reasons why she deserved the makeover.  Dawn also has a myspace dedicated to mentoring and encouraging moms with kids who have special needs. Her husband Scott said Quote, “She works 24/7 and does it with a beautiful smile and no complaining! I don’t know how she does it!”   I want to send out a BIG thanks to the entire FOX5 Pretty Police Team… Thanks to Meg Marakas, Angelina and Rick Bowles, Christy Polichio, Octavio our fabulous make-up artist, Ashley Mcbeth, Ashlee Spotofora , and Tululah G for providing the clothing.  We’ll see you next month with our next Victim!! Watch out… I could be knocking down your door next!
-Extreme Amy
FOX5 Ambush Makover:

5900 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 5
Las Vegas, NV.
Contact: 734-2883


Make-up:  Octavio (702) 278-6684
amy and dawnangelina and meg bowlgroup shotwake upmakeup octaviodawn final cu

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