Wow!!! Extreme Amy Tee’s!!! You better believe it!

24 Jun

Can you believe it… Extreme Amy now has T-shirts! Wooo Hooo! Boy do I owe a huge THANK YOU to the many hands that made this happen! First off the biggest thanks goes to Frank Chmielewski a veteran graphic designer who got the ball rolling on the shirts.  He is also the designer of the Extreme Amy logo on the shirts.  Frank contacted me saying he wanted to make me a few shirts! He also got the good people at “Checkmate Embroidery” on board to make the t-shirts! A big thanks to Wayde, Shad, Hollyn, and Roberto for making the tees! I wear them all the time… in-fact… as we speak! Before you know… Jason is going to start hitting you guys up to make Itchy and Scratchy tee’s… I think he was a little jealous! ha ha!

-Extreme Amy

 Checkmate Embroidery

3945 E Patrick Ln # C2
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 644-6000

logo full


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