17 Jun

I have to say it is not your typical morning when you spend it outside the Bellagio on STILTS!  This is why I love my job!  Today I stood high above the crowd to support Circus performers from across the globe !  Cirque Du Soleil showed off their skills and stunts to break the Guinness world record for the most people simultaneously walking on stilts. The one-of-a-kind show brought together stilt walkers from Las Vegas, Montreal, New York and other cities! The event  will mark the 25th anniversary of the show that has seen over 90 million spectators! Mayor Oscar Goodman also dedicated June 16th as Cirque Du Soleil Day! Las Vegas blvd  was also changed to Cirque Du Soleil Blvd and let me tell you, while we were LIVE…many cars were beeping getting confused because of the street change! ha ha! Cirque has grown from its 20 original street performers to a staff of 4,000 from 40 different countries. Today, the company has 19 different shows, including 6 in Las Vegas. Performers walked 100 meters across the Bellagio sidewalk — some more steadily than others — to achieve their goal. Congrats to them! Oh… and if you have never been on stilts… you have to try it. Wow… what a fun experience…. and a great workout! Way to go…Cirque! You guys Rock! Thanks for letting me be a part of your record and thanks for making my dream come true of being over SIX FEET TALL! 🙂

-Extreme Amy

Check out the video:

amy stiltsgroup stiltscarmensign



  1. Leo D July 30, 2009 at 2:40 am #

    OK so when you going to do trapees or type rope ?? I also would like to see you drive a stock car out at the track

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