16 Jun

It’s a brand new magazine that is sure  to take over the publishing world here in Las Vegas!  The new FREE magazine aimed at hip young Las Vegas locals…Sinner Magazine is creating a lot of buzz! I have to say when I saw the first issue I was so impressed! The creators of the magazine came up with the idea for this sassy mag after loosing  their jobs in the downed economy here in Las Vegas. They turned a hard time in their lives…into the time of their lives!  I have to say I too had the time of my life most recently after the big wigs of the magazine asked me to be a part of their upcoming issue in July! Let me tell you…I got the full VIP treatment! The photo-shoot was a blast! I got to get all dressed up… (thanks to Patty’s Closet) in Moulin Rouge/Circus theme style wardrobe and get my hair and make-up done!  We went to a local park to shoot the pictures…and let me tell you…. I have never seen so many people look at me so funny! Can you imagine seeing myself with a huge feathered hat walking through a park in high heels! Here is a sneak peak at some of the photos. The article will come out in July and wait until you see what they are going to do! The background will be completely gone in these photos… so say goodbye to trees… and hello to Sinner magic and photoshop! I will give you one hint…. I am the ring master… and all that is missing is my Circus! 🙂  Check it out when it hits stands in July… but before then… check out! It is my favorite local magazine!

-Extreme Amy

P.S. Thanks again to the whole gang of Sinner Magazine and Patty’s Closet!

sinner magazine!sinner 3


One Response to “SINNER MAGAZINE!!!”

  1. Valentino June 18, 2009 at 4:48 pm #

    You did fantastic at the photo shoot, al the pictures did come out great.
    You are natural. It was pleasure working with you.


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