10 Jun

There are so many shows on the strip for locals and tourists to go see….the hard part is deciding which one is really worth seeing!  Since I have been living here in Vegas I get invited to a lot of the shows to get a little taste of what Sin City is all about and I have to say most recently I saw a show that really made my teeth sink in! The show “BITE” at the Stratosphere is HOT!  This erotic and sensual topless revue show had me all revved up! The vampire dancers have amazing bodies, the Lead Lord vampire’s eyes will have you freaking out, but most importantly it is a show with a story! I have to say what really stole the show was the voice of what many think is a random audience member. The guy comes on stage and belts some of the best 80’s rock music alive!  The women vampires will have you heading to the gym almost instantly after you see the show. Oh and we can’t forget about the lead Vampire who’s abs of steal will make the women scream!  So if you LOVE 80’s tunes and hot bods…this is the show for you! Check out the photos below!  The show is every night at 10:30 PM at the Strat! 


-Extreme Amy …a wanna be vampire! 


rusel and girlhanging picvamp chicksRussRat




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