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24 Jun

Ring Ring…..a lot of viewers have been calling asking for info on the ping pong live shot I did this morning! Oh boy… were those balls flying! Apparently there are some huge ping pong fans out there!  Out of the basement and onto the strip…believe it or not…table tennis is making a huge comeback in Las Vegas.  This weekend the largest table tennis competition will be held in Las Vegas. Players of all ages will battle it out Forrest Gump style to take home the prize of $100,000 dollars! Anyone can sign up and go head to head against world champions to take home the cash. Celebrities like Judah Friedlander from 30Rock, Ana kornikova, Antonio Sabato Jr, and Regina King will all be there watching! The event is this Friday- Sunday…June 26th -28th at the Sands Expo and convention center at the Venetian.

-Extreme Amy

Check out the video on FOX5:


ICE ICE BAby!!!! THE Mayor is on ICE!

24 Jun

Can you say…ICE ICE BABY??? Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman is on thin ice!!! That is because he has been turned into an ICY…CHILLY…portrait at the Minus 5 Experience! Minus Five is this amazing C…C…C…C…Cold bar at the Shops at Mandalay Place at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino! Let’s just say it put a whole new meaning to vodka on the rocks! The sculptor of the mayor ice piece was carved out of a 500 pound block of ice from Canada! Carvers used ten different tools to make this masterpiece.  It was shipped here and delivered just in time for the Mayor to see his face….spiced up a bit…and frozen solid! You can view the mayor’s grill and other amazing pieces of ice art at Minus 5 throughout the summer. If you are looking for a fun place to have a few cocktails… I highly recommend this bar… it’s a great place to Chill….literally! 🙂 ha ha. 

-Extreme Amy 

 Minus 5 – Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Check out the video link:

ice ice babyon air icextreme amyworking hard

Wow!!! Extreme Amy Tee’s!!! You better believe it!

24 Jun

Can you believe it… Extreme Amy now has T-shirts! Wooo Hooo! Boy do I owe a huge THANK YOU to the many hands that made this happen! First off the biggest thanks goes to Frank Chmielewski a veteran graphic designer who got the ball rolling on the shirts.  He is also the designer of the Extreme Amy logo on the shirts.  Frank contacted me saying he wanted to make me a few shirts! He also got the good people at “Checkmate Embroidery” on board to make the t-shirts! A big thanks to Wayde, Shad, Hollyn, and Roberto for making the tees! I wear them all the time… in-fact… as we speak! Before you know… Jason is going to start hitting you guys up to make Itchy and Scratchy tee’s… I think he was a little jealous! ha ha!

-Extreme Amy

 Checkmate Embroidery

3945 E Patrick Ln # C2
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 644-6000

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Circus! Circus!

19 Jun

Oh yeah! The Circus is in town! Ringling Bros and Barnum and Baily present the greatest show on earth… Zing! Zang Zoom!  The show hits the Orleans Arena this weekend. I had the pleasure of spending my morning with the entire cast and crew of the show! I got the chance to work with the clowns, hang out from the trapeze…literally and juggle tables on my toes!  Let’s just say this… if you do not have strength in your legs or abs…do not even try to do what these performers can do.  The 139th show is not your average circus act… it takes magic and incorporates it into all the illusions. For more info on the circus  you can go to our website… The show is this weekend at 11:30, 3:30 and 7:30 PM.  Tickets are between $15.50 and $85.50! Smell ya later!

-Extreme Amy

circus 2circuscircus 3


17 Jun

I have to say it is not your typical morning when you spend it outside the Bellagio on STILTS!  This is why I love my job!  Today I stood high above the crowd to support Circus performers from across the globe !  Cirque Du Soleil showed off their skills and stunts to break the Guinness world record for the most people simultaneously walking on stilts. The one-of-a-kind show brought together stilt walkers from Las Vegas, Montreal, New York and other cities! The event  will mark the 25th anniversary of the show that has seen over 90 million spectators! Mayor Oscar Goodman also dedicated June 16th as Cirque Du Soleil Day! Las Vegas blvd  was also changed to Cirque Du Soleil Blvd and let me tell you, while we were LIVE…many cars were beeping getting confused because of the street change! ha ha! Cirque has grown from its 20 original street performers to a staff of 4,000 from 40 different countries. Today, the company has 19 different shows, including 6 in Las Vegas. Performers walked 100 meters across the Bellagio sidewalk — some more steadily than others — to achieve their goal. Congrats to them! Oh… and if you have never been on stilts… you have to try it. Wow… what a fun experience…. and a great workout! Way to go…Cirque! You guys Rock! Thanks for letting me be a part of your record and thanks for making my dream come true of being over SIX FEET TALL! 🙂

-Extreme Amy

Check out the video:

amy stiltsgroup stiltscarmensign


16 Jun

It’s a brand new magazine that is sure  to take over the publishing world here in Las Vegas!  The new FREE magazine aimed at hip young Las Vegas locals…Sinner Magazine is creating a lot of buzz! I have to say when I saw the first issue I was so impressed! The creators of the magazine came up with the idea for this sassy mag after loosing  their jobs in the downed economy here in Las Vegas. They turned a hard time in their lives…into the time of their lives!  I have to say I too had the time of my life most recently after the big wigs of the magazine asked me to be a part of their upcoming issue in July! Let me tell you…I got the full VIP treatment! The photo-shoot was a blast! I got to get all dressed up… (thanks to Patty’s Closet) in Moulin Rouge/Circus theme style wardrobe and get my hair and make-up done!  We went to a local park to shoot the pictures…and let me tell you…. I have never seen so many people look at me so funny! Can you imagine seeing myself with a huge feathered hat walking through a park in high heels! Here is a sneak peak at some of the photos. The article will come out in July and wait until you see what they are going to do! The background will be completely gone in these photos… so say goodbye to trees… and hello to Sinner magic and photoshop! I will give you one hint…. I am the ring master… and all that is missing is my Circus! 🙂  Check it out when it hits stands in July… but before then… check out! It is my favorite local magazine!

-Extreme Amy

P.S. Thanks again to the whole gang of Sinner Magazine and Patty’s Closet!

sinner magazine!sinner 3


15 Jun

It is a driving school for the EXTREME only! If you feel the need for speed… Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch has several driving schools that will revvvv your engines! The ranch has  a Lotus driving school, a corvette driving school, even a radical race car driving school that is open to anyone who wants their hearts to pump!  The newest driving school is a teen driving class that helps teens get more comfortable behind the wheel….whether they are driving a Tahoe, a mini cooper, or better yet…a CORVETTE! I had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a smoking hot lotus this morning and boy was it a blast! I really smoked the ground with a few donuts I pulled in the parking lot. I  even got to wear a cute race car outfit! That was the best part!  The schools can run your wallet anywhere from $300.00 to $3,000.00 big ones per class…. but  some would say the chance to drive 100 MPH in a lotus …creating smoke….  is priceless. 🙂 You be the judge on that one.

-Extreme Amy

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