29 May

Oh Boy… you know there is going to be trouble if you give Extreme Amy a pair of tap shoes and put her up with a bunch of talented tappers! Today we spent the morning tapping our toes in honor of National Tap Dance Day! My man… “The king of Tap”  Mr. Rhythm himself….L.Blake has created a one of a kind Variety Show called “Gravity” that will be paying tribute to national tap dance day.  The show also celebrates the founding father of tap dancing, Bill Bojangles Robinson. The show takes place this Saturday at the West Las Vegas Library and we gave all our Fox 5 morning show viewers one heck of a preview! The show is a variety show that has tons of tapping, an amazing hula hoop artist,  drumming and even features a master jump rope artist.  The idea is to get people to incorporate rhythm into their every day lives. But I wanted people to know that tapping can make you feel good! Tap! Tap! Tap! Also in honor of National tap dance day we had tappers of all ages putting the metal to the floor and tapping it out till they drop. The four tappers in the photos wearing the black and white outfits are from Dance Fusion.  The two other tappers…Jasmine and Jasmine… are part of the Fusion Talent Search that is taking place this weekend. All These girls are all amazing in so many ways and really know how to groove to the beat!  They make tapping look so easy, but really tapping to the beat is harder than it looks!  I also want to let everyone know that …yes… I really did do the splitz! That was me not  a dance stunt double!  My cell phone was blowing up during the live shots of people cracking up about me dropping to the floor like that. However, while it was so much fun to really get into it during the live shot, I know tomorrow I will be paying for that when I can’t get out of bed! 🙂 Thanks a lot national tap dance day…because of you my muscles will be aching. Enjoy the pics below…oh and the event starts at 2 pm and is FREE!  You can’t beat that… so you might as well grab some tap shoes and tap on over to the Library! 

-Extreme Amy

Check out the video link: http://www.fox5vegas.com/video/19591404/

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