22 May

Pickles in the morning… Pickles in the evening…Pickles in the restroom?!?!? Oh yeah! Pickles in the restroom at the one…the only Johnny McGuires Deli at Town Square in Las Vegas! This week is international pickle week…and who better to go live to do a pickle eating contest than Extreme Amy!   I had too much fun today! I learned so many interesting facts about pickles today. Did you know that a good pickle is determined by if you can hear the crunch from at least 10 feet away? Oh, and how about the fact that Americans prefer their pickles with at least 7 warts on them! CRAZY! The deli is offering a free pickle to anyone who mentions national pickle week until May 25th!  While your are there stop by their bathroom. You can actually make your mark by signing their wall while you do your business. Very interesting… but I would not try it while eating a pickle! Oh…and according to the crazy guy laying on the pickle in the picture below…(his name is LouRoss. He is the executive Chef and was on Hells Kitchen)…A pickle is a FRUIT…not a VEGGIE!!!

-Extreme Amy

Enjoy the pics…check out the video below THE PICTURES! DUH 🙂


video link:  http://www.fox5vegas.com/video/19527881/


One Response to “I’M IN A PICKLE!!!!HELP!”

  1. Vinny Spotleson May 22, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Post the video of the first pickle eating contest!

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