22 May

Get ready to let all your aggression out and crush some Cars!!! Today we were live from a new hot attraction here in Las Vegas called “The BIG DIG.”  The attraction allows you to get up close and personal with earth shakers …a.k.a. large Cat machines while you pick up and crush cars! The “Agression Session” gives you the freedom to let it all out… and tear it up in the dirt.  I have to say… this was by far the most fun I have had in the dirt during a live shot! Those cars didn’t stand a chance with Extreme Amy behind the controls! Picking up the cars wasn’t as hard as it looks, but driving over two cars was a little intense, considering you feel like you are going to tip over! If you are feeling a little bit of anger coming on… you should head on over to the Big Dig and let it all out!  A little bird told me that women behind the controls seem to do a much better job at crushing cars then the men… BTW! HA HA! 

For more information you can go to

-Extreme Amy

amyamy ope



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