Feeling Quacky???

21 May

If you are feeling like quacking this weekend you should head on out to the 6th Annual “Float Like a Duck” event held at the Heinrich YMCA on Meadows Lane in Las Vegas.  The event teaches kids all about water safety and gets them comfortable with the water through song and dance.  Duckie the events quacktastic mascot was there keep me in line and to keep me from singing too loud. During the live shot….water safety activist Joe Vassallo and I sang to our viewers, and lets just say I had a ton of emails from viewers quacking at me for it ! ha ha! The event is quacking its way this Saturday May 23rd  from 1-4 PM at the YMCA. This is a free event that is put on by Paragon Pools. A special thanks to Mary Vail… who sweat her little tushy off in the duck costume… (Kids please do not read this! ha ha) and to Brandy Stewart and Lyndon Middleton who also got up early in the morning to take a dip in the pool and interview! P.S. Thanks again Brandy for the Starbucks run! Your the best! I owe you big time for my soy latte!

-Extreme Amy 

amy duckiegroup duck

Video: http://www.fox5vegas.com/video/19515937/index.html


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