13 May

It was Rock-Star 101 class today! I had a chance to rock out with several local bands today. Why? You ask. Well…as Journey would say…”Don’t stop believing!” That is what many local Las Vegas bands are hoping for as the economy makes it harder for them to survive in Las Vegas. Today we were live from the Freemont Street Experience with three local bands who are a part of the Las Vegas Tribute Artist Association. The group was formed to raise awarness about local bands and get more people to support the local band scene.  Sin City has several tribute bands, but because of the slump in the economy many of them have had a hard time booking shows.  This is where FOX5 comes into play! Hopefully this morning we helped spread the word about the struggles of the “struggling musician” and many will support our local economy! I had a blast performing and rockin out with the bands! Thanks Bon Jovi (Larry) for the Wig and amazing jacket. 🙂 I was living on a prayer today! Literally! The Alice Cooper cover tribute band “Billion-dollar babies” were amazing. We had so many people stop by asking if Rob Valentine was the REAL Alice Cooper! We said yes! ha ha! 🙂 JK. The  Journey tribute band “Line of Fire”  also performed along with the Bon Jovi band “Have a Nice Day!” If you want more information on supporting the local band scene you can go to   Hey, I think it is great to have more of a selection with out of state bands and local bands…just as long as local bands get some love too! We can not forget about those who live and breath Las Vegas! Come out and support they’re shows. They are just as good, they are cheaper, and you don’t have to travel to see your favorite musician! It does not get any better than that!  oh… I forgot to mention that my singing today hit a high note with many viewers… thanks for all the compliments.  I know I stink at singing so thanks for lying to me and showing some love. 🙂 ha ha! 🙂

-Extreme Amy

Check out the pics below!

amy mic rockbon jovi amy

all bandsamy interview andrea


One Response to “SUPPORT LOCAL BANDS!”

  1. Trace August 17, 2009 at 10:27 pm #


    I’m over in the UK, but just wanted to say, what a great blog. I could not agree with you more..

    I actually regulary go to a great Live music venue just down the Road from me over here.. They do get some great bands on there..

    (The band I have the link to the website, on my profile, I actually started out seeing them there, then liked them so much, and have seen first hand now exactly how hard they work at getting the sound just right. they are a Who Tribute, but tribute to the music, it really is plain to see just how much they love playing together, and playing the music. So I have now managed to get a good friend of mine to revamp their site.. He’s done a great job.. Let’s hope it gets them more bookings)..

    Unfortunately venues and bands are seeing a decline in numbers attending live music shows.. This, wouldn’t be quite so bad, except if I have been dragged out to trendy loud piped music bars, with over-inflated drink prices they tend to be thriving..

    So I back up, give these bands and venues a chance.. Alot do work hard, and will want to give you a good show..

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