The Encredible Edible Egg!

11 May


Wow… what an EGG-cellent day today was! Today is National egg day where millions of Egg lovers across the globe celebrate the good old yolk! I went live from Egg Works in Las Vegas where the eggs were literally flying! More than 75 billion eggs are produced in the United States and while eggs are nutritous they are also delicious.  The owner of Egg Works was nice enough to envite FOX5 out for a lesson on eggs 101.  EGGS-Treme Amy was in the kitchen today flipping, scrambling, poaching and yes eating eggs! The first 50 people to arrive recieved EGGS on EGGS-Treme Amy! We also had an egg juggle off! Let’s just say the eggs were not in the air long and the yolks were all over the floor! I also wanted to give an EGG-tra special shout-out to those nice customers who gave us a round of applause after we failed to deliver. Thanks to Egg Works for putting up with my egg jokes this morning (Where did the egg go on vacation? Sandy Eggo! ) and for cooking all those amazing meals today.  Armando, my photographer loved the breakfast egg burrito! As always I had a wonderful time meeting viewers who stopped by to say hello.  Thanks again for always being so EGG-cellent! 🙂 And remember…if you can’t take a yolk… just scramble! ha ha!

-Extreme Amy

amy egg


One Response to “The Encredible Edible Egg!”

  1. Leroy Bigguns May 11, 2009 at 9:58 pm #

    I would be all up in that breakfast burrito. A little Louisiana Hotsauce and I would go to town. Please invite me next year.

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