The “King of Bling” in my mind!

5 May

picture-006picture-020picture-027picture-042I had a wonderful time this week at the Liberace Museum. I think I am now officially an expert on the famous piano player Mr. Showmanship himself… Liberace! I spent most of the morning running around with an amazing costume that weighed about 20 pounds. What was interesting about the costume is that it really weighed about 1/4 of what Liberace’s normal costumes typically weigh. He had some costumes that were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars weighing in over 200 pounds.  The guy had more “Bling Bling” than anyone I know. Some of his jewlery on display made my jaw drop! Rings the size of mountains. A diamond  Piano! Are you kidding me? Amazing!  What a performer Liberace was.  The guy had amazing talent,  won several awards, 2 emmy’s, 6 gold albums and at one point was the highest paid piano player ever in the Guiness Book of World Records.  These photos are a tribute to him.   Here is some information on the Liberace Museum. Locals get in free every FIRST Sunday of each month this year.  Come out and celebrate 30 years at the museum and what would have been Liberace’s 90th Birthday. for more info: 798-5595 or you can go to .

-Extreme Amy


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