Extreme Amy hits the Dirt!!! Again!

2 May
I was tearing it up on the dirt this morning with several amazing athletes from Supercross.  The event is one of the most eagerly anticipated showdowns in sports history coming  right here to Las vagas!  Riders were flying high showing off their skills for the Fox 5 morning show.  Including the one and only ….Extreme Amy and Dave Hall!!! The Supercross folks hooked me up with a one of a kind biking outfit and from that point on …I hit the dirt! It is not as easy as it looks. Infact after riding for a little while.. I too took a crash LIVE on the air! Ha ha! So funny! Luckily there were no broken bones! I have to say while my body was intact my adrenaline was pumping. I see why these athletes love what they do.  If you have an opportunity to make it this weekend, I highly reccommend it! It is too fun to pass up! The event is this Saturday May 2 at Sam Boyd Stadium. Tickets are still available. Get ready to get your game face on… and possibly get a little dirty dirty!!

-Extreme Amy





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