1 May

Who knew there was an entire day dedicated to Hairstylists all across the world?!?! Today is Hairstyle appreciation day and while many are thanking their fabulous hairdressers, we here at fox 5 wanted to step it up a notch and go back in time to say thanks! I was so fortunate to get to work with a FOX 5 regular JOEY GONNELLO from Tease Boutique Salon in Vegas. The scary thing is you know there is going to be trouble when you have myself and Gonnello in the same room. This guy is amazing when it comes to hair. We did styles from the 50’s all the way to rockin it like Madonna in the 80’s. The more HAIR-larious part of the show… literally… was the MOHAWK or better yet Joey’s MULLET! I have to say my hair was the stiffest it has ever been.  Who knew it could look so good sticking straight up! If I could have my way I would create a Mohawlet… which would be a mullet and a mohawk combined. Maybe that could be the new trend in hair for 2009? Thoughts? I think we really got Monica to jump out of her seat when I put the RaZor to Joey’s hair and shaved it all off… (not really, but the joke was pretty funny). The bottom line is when it comes to hair, no matter which way you style it, it is all about how it makes you feel. So here is a special thanks to all the hair stylists out there who work hard to make us all look good…Even if all this hard work involves heavy teazing and lots of hairspray!  A special thanks to Chrissy,  Elena, and eduardo for also waking up early for our viewers at FOX 5! 

-Extreme Amy 

Here are the Video Links:

Check out the pics below!!! So FUN!!!






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