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Tabbouleh Anyone?!?

30 May

On of my favorite foods to chow down while lunching is Tabbouleh. I could eat it 24/7.  Mix it with Hummus and you got the most AMAZING combo in the world! For all you hummus Tabbouleh fans out there… here is a tribute to you!!!

-Extreme Amy



29 May

Oh Boy… you know there is going to be trouble if you give Extreme Amy a pair of tap shoes and put her up with a bunch of talented tappers! Today we spent the morning tapping our toes in honor of National Tap Dance Day! My man… “The king of Tap”  Mr. Rhythm himself….L.Blake has created a one of a kind Variety Show called “Gravity” that will be paying tribute to national tap dance day.  The show also celebrates the founding father of tap dancing, Bill Bojangles Robinson. The show takes place this Saturday at the West Las Vegas Library and we gave all our Fox 5 morning show viewers one heck of a preview! The show is a variety show that has tons of tapping, an amazing hula hoop artist,  drumming and even features a master jump rope artist.  The idea is to get people to incorporate rhythm into their every day lives. But I wanted people to know that tapping can make you feel good! Tap! Tap! Tap! Also in honor of National tap dance day we had tappers of all ages putting the metal to the floor and tapping it out till they drop. The four tappers in the photos wearing the black and white outfits are from Dance Fusion.  The two other tappers…Jasmine and Jasmine… are part of the Fusion Talent Search that is taking place this weekend. All These girls are all amazing in so many ways and really know how to groove to the beat!  They make tapping look so easy, but really tapping to the beat is harder than it looks!  I also want to let everyone know that …yes… I really did do the splitz! That was me not  a dance stunt double!  My cell phone was blowing up during the live shots of people cracking up about me dropping to the floor like that. However, while it was so much fun to really get into it during the live shot, I know tomorrow I will be paying for that when I can’t get out of bed! 🙂 Thanks a lot national tap dance day…because of you my muscles will be aching. Enjoy the pics below…oh and the event starts at 2 pm and is FREE!  You can’t beat that… so you might as well grab some tap shoes and tap on over to the Library! 

-Extreme Amy

Check out the video link:

tap amygroup tapamy cheesy smilegroup amy


22 May

Pickles in the morning… Pickles in the evening…Pickles in the restroom?!?!? Oh yeah! Pickles in the restroom at the one…the only Johnny McGuires Deli at Town Square in Las Vegas! This week is international pickle week…and who better to go live to do a pickle eating contest than Extreme Amy!   I had too much fun today! I learned so many interesting facts about pickles today. Did you know that a good pickle is determined by if you can hear the crunch from at least 10 feet away? Oh, and how about the fact that Americans prefer their pickles with at least 7 warts on them! CRAZY! The deli is offering a free pickle to anyone who mentions national pickle week until May 25th!  While your are there stop by their bathroom. You can actually make your mark by signing their wall while you do your business. Very interesting… but I would not try it while eating a pickle! Oh…and according to the crazy guy laying on the pickle in the picture below…(his name is LouRoss. He is the executive Chef and was on Hells Kitchen)…A pickle is a FRUIT…not a VEGGIE!!!

-Extreme Amy

Enjoy the pics…check out the video below THE PICTURES! DUH 🙂


video link:


22 May

Get ready to let all your aggression out and crush some Cars!!! Today we were live from a new hot attraction here in Las Vegas called “The BIG DIG.”  The attraction allows you to get up close and personal with earth shakers …a.k.a. large Cat machines while you pick up and crush cars! The “Agression Session” gives you the freedom to let it all out… and tear it up in the dirt.  I have to say… this was by far the most fun I have had in the dirt during a live shot! Those cars didn’t stand a chance with Extreme Amy behind the controls! Picking up the cars wasn’t as hard as it looks, but driving over two cars was a little intense, considering you feel like you are going to tip over! If you are feeling a little bit of anger coming on… you should head on over to the Big Dig and let it all out!  A little bird told me that women behind the controls seem to do a much better job at crushing cars then the men… BTW! HA HA! 

For more information you can go to

-Extreme Amy

amyamy ope


Feeling Quacky???

21 May

If you are feeling like quacking this weekend you should head on out to the 6th Annual “Float Like a Duck” event held at the Heinrich YMCA on Meadows Lane in Las Vegas.  The event teaches kids all about water safety and gets them comfortable with the water through song and dance.  Duckie the events quacktastic mascot was there keep me in line and to keep me from singing too loud. During the live shot….water safety activist Joe Vassallo and I sang to our viewers, and lets just say I had a ton of emails from viewers quacking at me for it ! ha ha! The event is quacking its way this Saturday May 23rd  from 1-4 PM at the YMCA. This is a free event that is put on by Paragon Pools. A special thanks to Mary Vail… who sweat her little tushy off in the duck costume… (Kids please do not read this! ha ha) and to Brandy Stewart and Lyndon Middleton who also got up early in the morning to take a dip in the pool and interview! P.S. Thanks again Brandy for the Starbucks run! Your the best! I owe you big time for my soy latte!

-Extreme Amy 

amy duckiegroup duck


Romeo….Oh Romeo!

19 May

Romeo O Romeo, Wherefore art thou…EXTREME AMY? You can get a taste of Shakespeare this weekend at the Springs preserve…literally!  The new festival “Taste of Shakespeare” is premiering this weekend from noon until 6PM on May 23rd- 25th. You can see all the classics from Romeo and Juliet, Mcbeth, Much Ado about nothing, As you like, and Hamlet. There will also be live classical music provided bu the Henderson Symphony Orchestra and the Green Valley High School Orchestra. Amazing food and wine will be served by the Wolfgang puck Cafe at the Springs Preserve.  For more info you can go to WWW.SHAKERSPEAREINTHE SPRINGS.COM! Oh, and do not be afraid to find your inner Romeo and possibly dress up in costume like myself. 🙂

-Extreme Amy

rome and meamy


13 May

It was Rock-Star 101 class today! I had a chance to rock out with several local bands today. Why? You ask. Well…as Journey would say…”Don’t stop believing!” That is what many local Las Vegas bands are hoping for as the economy makes it harder for them to survive in Las Vegas. Today we were live from the Freemont Street Experience with three local bands who are a part of the Las Vegas Tribute Artist Association. The group was formed to raise awarness about local bands and get more people to support the local band scene.  Sin City has several tribute bands, but because of the slump in the economy many of them have had a hard time booking shows.  This is where FOX5 comes into play! Hopefully this morning we helped spread the word about the struggles of the “struggling musician” and many will support our local economy! I had a blast performing and rockin out with the bands! Thanks Bon Jovi (Larry) for the Wig and amazing jacket. 🙂 I was living on a prayer today! Literally! The Alice Cooper cover tribute band “Billion-dollar babies” were amazing. We had so many people stop by asking if Rob Valentine was the REAL Alice Cooper! We said yes! ha ha! 🙂 JK. The  Journey tribute band “Line of Fire”  also performed along with the Bon Jovi band “Have a Nice Day!” If you want more information on supporting the local band scene you can go to   Hey, I think it is great to have more of a selection with out of state bands and local bands…just as long as local bands get some love too! We can not forget about those who live and breath Las Vegas! Come out and support they’re shows. They are just as good, they are cheaper, and you don’t have to travel to see your favorite musician! It does not get any better than that!  oh… I forgot to mention that my singing today hit a high note with many viewers… thanks for all the compliments.  I know I stink at singing so thanks for lying to me and showing some love. 🙂 ha ha! 🙂

-Extreme Amy

Check out the pics below!

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all bandsamy interview andrea