Carabba’s Crib!!!

27 Apr

Wow… today we spent the entire morning at an 18 million dollar home! No big deal or anything. It’s just an 18 million dollar home. Oh…did I mention it is my house?!?! Ha ha!  In your dreams Extreme Amy! The house is just one of  many homes featured in the Parade of Homes event taking place right here in Las Vegas. This particular home had it all…  everything from a 17 car garage, a hair salon, doggie grooming room, wine cellar, movie theatre, to the biggest food pantry imaginable. Not to mention a view that will leave you speechless. The pool wasn’t bad either!  The tour is a great experience to see such amazing homes, but I am not going to lie… it will make you feel like a looser! Only because reality sets in that you probably will not ever get the chance to live or own a home like this ever. 🙂 But you can still live the dream by taking the tour. The tour runs until May 10th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets are 25.00$, but you get to tour 12 different places. Take a look at the pics below… oh and don’t give up on the dream… maybe one day you can own a home like this… but you will have to sell a lot of peanuts in order to afford it.  Live the dream people…oh and live the high life! 

-Extreme Amy 



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