25 Apr

Hello Fox fivers! 

The blog has been up only a few weeks and the emails are pouring in about the name of the blog. I know those who watch the show know me as “Extreme Amy”, but believe it or not I actually had another nickname before that one stuck here in Vegas. So how did…”carabba blah blah” get it’s name? Well…while I would love to take the credit for the name of the blog, I can’t! I have to give all the praise and a round of applause to my old friend and former co-anchor Cary Chow.  We anchored several newscasts together back in the day in Casper, Wyoming. As you can imagine, when you work with someone on a daily basis they tend to really get to know you.  Not the fake you…but the REAL you. Let’s just say  Cary thought I talked WAY to much! Everytime I would open my mouth he would just cut me off and call me blah blah. The guy would pull pranks on me left and right and would always make fun of me! I would go home and cry. Not really… but he did throw a snowball at me Live on the air. Oh and not to mention he would change my scripts to some type of ANCHORMAN LINGO and I would say it on air. So now it’s my turn to embarrass him! Check out this pic old pic I found of him!!! NICE PHOTO CARY!  HA HA! 

  Thank you for rubbing it in that I am a chatterbox. Yes, it’s one of my flaws and  I am proud of it!  Because of you I have now enrolled myself into a 12-step program for people who talk to much. I realize my flaw is an addiction.WAIT. Really? Is this an addiction? Should I be concerned? Yikes. I guess I am off to Blah Blah Rehab. 

-Extreme Amy 

P.S. By the looks of these photo I now realize that Cary Chow is not a legitimate name giver.  How can you trust anything that comes from the mouth of a guy who prances around with an umbrella when it’s not even raining. Did you see his socks? Hmmmm.  Wow… this guy is a new anchor? seriously? LOL. XOXO





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