Brain Freeze…ICe Cream!

21 Apr

It’s time to get your scoop on! My arms got an amazing workout this morning scooping ice cream… all for a good cause! But my brain got more brain freezes than you can ever imagine! Today Ben and Jerry’s across the U-S and here in Las Vegas will give free cones to anyone who stops by! If you make a donation the money will go to local charites here in Las Vegas.  Forget the coffee… ice cream is now the best way to really kick it up a notch at 5 AM! I had so many cones today my brain can’t even think straight.  Local celebrities will also donate their time today for the event by scooping cones to thousands of people who will line up! This morning on Fox 5 Live in Las Vegas we had local Magician David Darkstone stop by to perform some ice cream magic tricks. Some local celebrities coming out today are Lou Anderson, cast members from Thunder from Down under, BMX rider Ricardo Laguna, X burlesque and many more!  Fox 5’s Rachel Smith and I will also  be there scooping at the events today. Here are the free cone locations….  from Noon until 8pm at the Ben and Jerry’s at the district at Green Valley Ranch as well as the Galleria Mall off Sunset. Be there or be square! I am going to now get a crane to lift me out of here… I are wayyyy toooo muuuccchhh!!!! 



One Response to “Brain Freeze…ICe Cream!”

  1. Jackie Reynold April 21, 2009 at 9:42 pm #

    WoW what a great report I loved the part with the flying ice cream (Very COOL) get it!!! I am amazed the ice cream didn’t melt because that magician was Hot, is he the guy who is supposed to replace Criss Angel soon?

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