BBQ Tour???

17 Apr

Get ready to bust out your inner Wild Side! What a blast I had today hanging out with the entire crew of the Journey’s Backyard BBQ Tour! The tour features top skate, bmx, and freesytle motorcross athletes. We had moto athletes like Ryan Hagy, Derek Garland and Wes Agee performing over 100 feet in the air. The boys even jumped over ME on their bikes  while performing crazy stunts! I also got the chance to interview BMX legend Dennis McCoy.  He was very nice! Lets also give a FOX 5 shout-out to Pro skateboarders Neal Hendrix, Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi! You guys rocked the half pipe! What a turnout we had for the live shot!  These athletes all have amazing skills. I have to say the one athlete that really needs to sit this tour out is myself. The crew got me a motorcycle to ride throughout the morning. It was BRAND NEW! I was the first to ride it…. and I was the first to crash it within 30 minutes! So Funny! Luckily the crash was OFF AIR!  The bike was a little scratched up! As for myself… this extreme thing is doing just dandy! The event is this Saturday April 18th at the Galleria Mall in Henderson. Some big bands are expected to hit the stage including Saosin!

-Extreme Amy

Check out the video link:



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