16 Apr


soup1mCan you believe this exists! I am still in Awwww! A vending machine convention!! Let me tell you these people who attend this event are serious vending machine fanatics! Today we saw everything from soup vending machines, pizza vending machines, baby diaper vending machines, to even a cotton candy vending machine! Go figure that one!  I have to say my dolla bills ….not dollar bills….dolla bills only got stuck ten times throughout the morning show. Classic! The yogurt vending machine seemed a little sketchy, but did not compare to the vending machine that shoots out a pizza in 90 seconds.  Believe it or not the pizza was good, but I still find it odd to order a pizza with the touch a button. Who knows what could be inside that machine. 🙂 A rat maybe? Thanks  to all of you who came out for the show! It is every kids dream to be able to order whatever they want out of hundreds of vending machines! That was the highlight of the day. Especially ordering a $5.00 box of tic-tacs! So Funny!

 -Extreme Amy



  1. vending October 22, 2009 at 1:02 pm #

    pizza in 90 sec is older now days pizza is away from one button click

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