13 Apr

cookies2I am playing catch-up with the blog and wanted to post this video of me delivering cookies to KLAS channel 8 news here in Las Vegas! Let’s just say my crazy producers thought it would be nice if I personally deliver them FOX 5 cookies on April Fools live on the air.  Now… I am not a bitter person but I did drive all the way to Channel 8 to deliver cookies and the anchors would not even come out to see me! 🙂 While the KLAS stars were too “BUSY”  (they were putting on their make-up), they sent a wonderful lady over to accept the big treats. She believed we put Exlax in the cookies… come on… would extreme Amy really do such a thing?!?! 🙂 I tried to explain that I wanted to set the record straight that news stations can be friendly with one another in the same market. It’s not like the movie Anchorman, there is no Kung Fu fighting here. Nothing but love. Oh, and big FOX 5 Cookies! 

-Extreme Amy

Happy April Fools’ Day – Video


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