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ECO My WEdding!!!

29 Apr


Wow… what a busy morning! Can we say… “Here comes the bride… all dressed in white!” Forget wearing regular clothes to work, how about an eco-friendly wedding gown! The Springs Preserve and Roni Josef International Salon and Spa came together this morning to preview their upcoming event the Eco-Elegant Bridal Affair on May 1 from 5 to 9 p.m.  The event benefits the American Cancer Society and the Springs Preserve, which funds environmental programs for educating children. As if being in several wedding gowns wasn’t enough, I also had the chance to eat eco-friendly organic wedding cake, organic chocolates, Organic wine and food prepared by Peter Sherlock with Wolfgang Puck Catering, oh and not to mention propose to random strangers LIVE ON THE AIR!! Did I mention they rejected me! Ouch! One guy actually took off running for miles. Too Funny!  Even though I am not even close to getting hitched… I did get the chance to throw the bouquet! However, the best part of the show is that everything is good for the environment. Even the wedding dresses  designed by  Vera Wang, Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera and more are all Eco- Friendly! No need to turn to a recycled plastic bag for this one! I want to send a special thanks to everyone who came out this morning. I had so much fun and more importantly did the extreme…. stepped into a wedding dress for the first time!!!  I will have to admit, while it was a little scary, the dress was so worth it! Tickets are between $10-$50.00 dollars. .  They are available at the Springs Preserve box office. For more info call (702) 822-7705. See you in the Chapel! 

-Extreme Amy


Here is the Video:



28 Apr

We were pumpin up the party this week at Disneyland! I was the lucky reporter from Las Vegas to get the opportunity to spend some quality time with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy! (Thanks Donald for the robot dance… (domo ArigatoMr.Roboto…thank you very much!) I arrived Thursday to get ready for my 5 hours of live shots Friday morning. Disneyland has a ton of new attractions and it was my job to show you guys here in Vegas what all the fuss is about! The park is now offering a new Food and Wine Festival, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Celebration Roundup BBQ, and last but not least a new parade…Celebrate a street Party! I got the chance to be made into a total DIVA princess bright an early at 5 a.m. live on the air. I also got to make wine the old fashioned way , a.k.a. the famous grape stomp and let’s just say my feet were really feeling the love of the grapes today! Wow… who knew making wine could work as an exfoliation. 🙂 But the best part of the morning show was by far the FOOD from the Roundup BBQ! They had these amazing cupcake ice cream cones that were to die for! I ate 6 of them in 5 hours! The two days I spent at the happiest place on earth were amazing, and I am so appreciative for the opportunity I had to meet such wonderful people at the Park! Oh, and thanks for not judging me because I looked like such a DIVA PRINCESS throughout the show! P.S. Thanks Brian… you were the best media host ever! Way to keep feeding me those cones! 🙂 I also want to give a shout out to the wonderful make up artists… you really stepped it up a notch! Frederika… Thanks for rockin it out in the wine barrels! Way to crush those grapes! 

-Extreme Amy 

Celebrate A Street PartyDisney's Californian Food and Wine Festival

Carabba’s Crib!!!

27 Apr

Wow… today we spent the entire morning at an 18 million dollar home! No big deal or anything. It’s just an 18 million dollar home. Oh…did I mention it is my house?!?! Ha ha!  In your dreams Extreme Amy! The house is just one of  many homes featured in the Parade of Homes event taking place right here in Las Vegas. This particular home had it all…  everything from a 17 car garage, a hair salon, doggie grooming room, wine cellar, movie theatre, to the biggest food pantry imaginable. Not to mention a view that will leave you speechless. The pool wasn’t bad either!  The tour is a great experience to see such amazing homes, but I am not going to lie… it will make you feel like a looser! Only because reality sets in that you probably will not ever get the chance to live or own a home like this ever. 🙂 But you can still live the dream by taking the tour. The tour runs until May 10th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets are 25.00$, but you get to tour 12 different places. Take a look at the pics below… oh and don’t give up on the dream… maybe one day you can own a home like this… but you will have to sell a lot of peanuts in order to afford it.  Live the dream people…oh and live the high life! 

-Extreme Amy 



25 Apr

Hello Fox fivers! 

The blog has been up only a few weeks and the emails are pouring in about the name of the blog. I know those who watch the show know me as “Extreme Amy”, but believe it or not I actually had another nickname before that one stuck here in Vegas. So how did…”carabba blah blah” get it’s name? Well…while I would love to take the credit for the name of the blog, I can’t! I have to give all the praise and a round of applause to my old friend and former co-anchor Cary Chow.  We anchored several newscasts together back in the day in Casper, Wyoming. As you can imagine, when you work with someone on a daily basis they tend to really get to know you.  Not the fake you…but the REAL you. Let’s just say  Cary thought I talked WAY to much! Everytime I would open my mouth he would just cut me off and call me blah blah. The guy would pull pranks on me left and right and would always make fun of me! I would go home and cry. Not really… but he did throw a snowball at me Live on the air. Oh and not to mention he would change my scripts to some type of ANCHORMAN LINGO and I would say it on air. So now it’s my turn to embarrass him! Check out this pic old pic I found of him!!! NICE PHOTO CARY!  HA HA! 

  Thank you for rubbing it in that I am a chatterbox. Yes, it’s one of my flaws and  I am proud of it!  Because of you I have now enrolled myself into a 12-step program for people who talk to much. I realize my flaw is an addiction.WAIT. Really? Is this an addiction? Should I be concerned? Yikes. I guess I am off to Blah Blah Rehab. 

-Extreme Amy 

P.S. By the looks of these photo I now realize that Cary Chow is not a legitimate name giver.  How can you trust anything that comes from the mouth of a guy who prances around with an umbrella when it’s not even raining. Did you see his socks? Hmmmm.  Wow… this guy is a new anchor? seriously? LOL. XOXO




Brain Freeze…ICe Cream!

21 Apr

It’s time to get your scoop on! My arms got an amazing workout this morning scooping ice cream… all for a good cause! But my brain got more brain freezes than you can ever imagine! Today Ben and Jerry’s across the U-S and here in Las Vegas will give free cones to anyone who stops by! If you make a donation the money will go to local charites here in Las Vegas.  Forget the coffee… ice cream is now the best way to really kick it up a notch at 5 AM! I had so many cones today my brain can’t even think straight.  Local celebrities will also donate their time today for the event by scooping cones to thousands of people who will line up! This morning on Fox 5 Live in Las Vegas we had local Magician David Darkstone stop by to perform some ice cream magic tricks. Some local celebrities coming out today are Lou Anderson, cast members from Thunder from Down under, BMX rider Ricardo Laguna, X burlesque and many more!  Fox 5’s Rachel Smith and I will also  be there scooping at the events today. Here are the free cone locations….  from Noon until 8pm at the Ben and Jerry’s at the district at Green Valley Ranch as well as the Galleria Mall off Sunset. Be there or be square! I am going to now get a crane to lift me out of here… I are wayyyy toooo muuuccchhh!!!! 


The High Rollers kicked My Tushy!!!

20 Apr

Today was a day of it’s own! First off, I have never been so sore after a live shot. 🙂 It is  all about the Advil today! I spent the morning with the Las Vegas High Rollers, the very first origianl roller derby team here in the Valley. This league is amazing! They have players of all ages ranging from 30’s all the way up to the 60’s.  A viewer wrote in challenging me to have a roller derby off with the team because the High Rollers actually play on a Banked Track not a flat track like most roller derby leagues. Let’s just say this banked track was the main reason for all of my crashing! The track was used in the Charlies Angels movie and is now here in Las Vegas. The track is the largest banked track in the world. It is also the most difficult track for me in the world!!! I have to say while spending the morning with the team was a blast… my tushy right now is really in a lot of pain. I fell more times than I can count. The players were also not shy… let’s just say they were slamming me into the ground. At one point it was a roller derby mash-up with at least 6 players piled on top of little old me! But hey… this muscle masher can’t complain! I’m rough and tough, and there is now way a roller derby team is going to take down Extreme Amy! But they did  keep the bruises coming! For more info on the High Rollers you can  e-mail Lali at or call (702)-580-9407. They are recruiting but you can’t be scared! 🙂 I’t’s all about the bruises baby!!! Bring your tushy pads!

-Extreme Amy fallmuscle-masherthe-rippperthe-whole-teamthe-big-fall1 (check out the pics below)

BBQ Tour???

17 Apr

Get ready to bust out your inner Wild Side! What a blast I had today hanging out with the entire crew of the Journey’s Backyard BBQ Tour! The tour features top skate, bmx, and freesytle motorcross athletes. We had moto athletes like Ryan Hagy, Derek Garland and Wes Agee performing over 100 feet in the air. The boys even jumped over ME on their bikes  while performing crazy stunts! I also got the chance to interview BMX legend Dennis McCoy.  He was very nice! Lets also give a FOX 5 shout-out to Pro skateboarders Neal Hendrix, Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi! You guys rocked the half pipe! What a turnout we had for the live shot!  These athletes all have amazing skills. I have to say the one athlete that really needs to sit this tour out is myself. The crew got me a motorcycle to ride throughout the morning. It was BRAND NEW! I was the first to ride it…. and I was the first to crash it within 30 minutes! So Funny! Luckily the crash was OFF AIR!  The bike was a little scratched up! As for myself… this extreme thing is doing just dandy! The event is this Saturday April 18th at the Galleria Mall in Henderson. Some big bands are expected to hit the stage including Saosin!

-Extreme Amy

Check out the video link: